iflo is innovation not imitation

In the past 40 years, the industry has had no real stand out performer. Disappointingly, only copies of other companies’ solutions have saturated a market offering no real progression.

The market is long overdue for a leader, and only innovation will achieve this.

iflo is certain to dominate in a market that is filled with expensive, under-performing solutions that only make false promises.

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iflo – clever engineering that stands out

Five technologies all in one reliable package that will set a new standard across the globe.

Standard parts re-engineered with hygienic multi-function abilities.

Unique closure assemblies that replace outdated methods used for decades.

Unrivalled multiple features that others could not deliver due to obsolete flawed designs.

No dangerous unhygienic inserts, tubes, straws, valves, disposable bags, removable base or vented teats which are plagued by user error.

Production costs similar to standard bottles with no unique features.

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