iflo – natural instinct

The iflo bottle is uniquely superior; it introduces an all new approach to long standing bottle related feeding problems, which have never been solved, until now!

Only iflo carries ventilation, anti choke and gag, neutral pressure delivery and individual paced flow with double sealing all in ONE package.

Anti Choke & Gag

Anti Choke and Gag disc separates the liquid in the bottle from the liquid in the teat, this relieves the gravity weight of the fluid pressurizing the teat.


Distinctive Ventilation that relieves the vacuum from the bottle as fluid is expressed from the teat.

Neutral Pressure Delivery

With Neutral Pressure Delivery, any significant positive pressure (caused by gravity) or negative pressure (caused by partial vacuum) in the teat is non-existent.

Instinctive Feeding

iflo provides Instinctive Feeding nutrition that is delivered at neutral pressure, the same as a breast, enabling baby to feed instinctively as nature intended.

Individual Paced Flow

All babies’ needs are different, that’s why iflo developed an Individual Paced Flow system that allows you to adjust the flow progressively with your baby’s development.

Double Sealed Mix & Travel

A double Sealed Mix & Travel twist action motion allows for easy mixing just before feeding, without contaminating the end of the teat. No more messy travel spills caused by dislodged teat cover hoods.